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FINEST CPA Tax Franchise Opportunities

Tired of your corporate or public accounting job and thinking about starting your own CPA tax practice?  Need marketing and other professional support to take your existing CPA tax practice to the next level?  We can help.

FINEST CPA is now awarding franchises.  FINEST CPA  franchisees are qualified CPA tax professionals, offering and providing, in-office and virtually, tax preparation, bookkeeping, accounting, payroll and business consulting services, mainly to small businesses, as well as individuals and non-profit organizations.

Our aim is to help you build a $1 million, plus tax accounting practice.  Part-time ownership of a FINEST CPA franchise is acceptable, meaning you don't have to give up or quit your full-time job.

You may own and operate your FINEST CPA franchise on a part-time basis, all the while growing your clientele and progressing to full-time ownership. 


Simple.  You'll have more clients.  Offer more services.  Make more money.  And have a bigger, more successful practice.


Franchising your practice with FINEST CPA allows you to be a part of a nationally recognized, branded franchise network.


Being a part of the branded FINEST CPA network offers the following benefits over remaining independent:


Customer Awareness.  Due to the constant hammering about the FINEST CPA brand, there is an elevated level of customer awareness.

Customer Loyalty.  Great customer service associated with the FINEST CPA brand results in loyal clients.


Service Differentiation.  The FINEST CPA brand is differentiated and stands apart from the many independent, mom and pop CPA and tax service providers.


This branded differentiation equates to more effective marketing, which translates to increased sales.


Competitive Advantage.  The FINEST CPA brand is able to carve a distinguished identity in the market and in the minds of consumers through advertising and promotional campaigns.


Offering of Multiple Services.  Due to the immense amount of faith and trust that clients have in the FINEST CPA brand, they will indulge in the purchase of additional services.


Image of Quality.  The FINEST CPA brand affords us the opportunity to showcase our unique selling propositions and differentiating factors such as quality that set us apart from competitors.


Attract Investors.  Amongst the benefits of a branded offering such as FINEST CPA is the power to attract investors.


Attract The Best Talent.  FINEST CPA is the best brand in the industry and therefore is able to attract the best talent.


Become The Market Leader.  Aligning with the FINEST CPA brand will help you attract loyal clients, command premium fees and provide more services.


Furthermore, FINEST CPA is setting new examples in the business facets of marketing, promotions and the offering of the finest levels of customer service and overall experience, and serves as an inspiration for industry peers and contemporaries.


The demand for the services that we offer is huge, as there are about 28 million small businesses in the United States.  And these businesses spend about $100 billion annually for the services that we provide, namely tax preparationbookkeeping, accountingbusiness advisory and payroll processing.

Anyone who is self-employed or owns a small business is a potential client.  Through our proven practice development methods, our aim is to help you build a $1 million, plus tax accounting practice over the ten year life of your franchise agreement.

We will provide you with all the tools, systems and resources you need to capitalize on this opportunity, and build a profitable, successful practice.


Our proven, effective brand marketing is undoubtedly the key benefit of franchising with FINEST CPA versus remaining independent.


When you use our trademarks and branding you are instantly differentiated from every other CPA and tax pro in the marketplace.

And differentiation is important, as it is the foundation of your marketing efforts.  When you can stand apart from the competition, by being a part of the nationally recognized FINEST CPA franchise network, your marketing efforts will be more successful.


More effective marketing translates into more quality clients, the offering of more services, the ability to command higher fees and ultimately a more profitable, more successful practice.

FINEST CPA marketing tactics include, but are not limited to, brand marketing, outdoor signage, digital advertising (Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, Bing and Yahoo), direct mail, print marketing, cold calling, word of mouth referrals, the website and email marketing.


In addition to proven, effective marketing support, we provide training and support in every other aspect of your practice, including, but not limited to, office site selection*, lease negotiation, training in all offered services, back office work processing, office administration, staffing, QuickBooks and tax software training, billing, on-going support, assistance obtaining professional certifications and credentials and much, much more.

As the owner of a FINEST CPA franchise, you are in business for yourself but not by yourself.


The estimated start-up costs to own a FINEST CPA franchise range from $74,000 to $96,500, which includes a one time, upfront franchise fee of $60,000.


In exchange for your franchise fee, you are granted a ten (10) year, renewable license to operate and market your practice under the FINEST CPA brand.


Existing practices may be priced lower.  For the right candidate, we may provide financing for the franchise fee.


If you would like for us to consider your ownership of a FINEST CPA franchise, complete the Request For Consideration form below.

Once we receive your contact information, we will contact you for a brief discovery chat.


If we determine that there may be a mutual fit, we will provide you with our legal franchise documents for you to review, to determine if the FINEST CPA franchise opportunity is right for you.

Thank you for your initial interest in FINEST CPA.  We look forward to speaking with you and possibly having you join the FINEST CPA family.

Superior Advisors.

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